The Fox

The Fox, The trickster,sly in his youth.He lies all curled up,caught by winters tooth.Though his wit is boundless,his imagination has no tethers.He knows not if this winter, will be the last one he weathers. Advertisements


The light dances Across the wall The candle flickering Flickering. Softly in the study Hunched over the desk His hair tousled His eyes wide and reflecting the fire He scrawls quickly across the page. Gears turning quickly in his head. A robotic process Pumping content Design assembly delivery. The content machine! What an idea He […]


I have nothing to say But I am going to attemptTo say it anyway.I sit hereContemplating whether I should change the unintended rhymeThat sprang from my misunderstanding.I sometimes feel as ifThere is a strong current of emotionsClashing through meBeating themselves together so fiercelyThat I cannot tell one from the other.Blank. So much emotionRising to a fevered pitchAndConfusionMuddledApathy.


Happiness is just a breath away yet, I can’t seem to inhale.My lungs are full of stagnation and anticipation.Expectation for things to change.Change doesn’t happen without a pushbut this lock on my brain keeps me stuck inside this vault of lethargy.To push myself forward sometimes seems like a taskthat requires a level of effort that I […]


Blinded by light. How humorous.  Mortal enemies, complete opposites. Literal light and dark. Antitheses capable of the same end result. Blindness. I ponder the ability to be lost in both happy and sad. Good and bad. How strange it is that our pathsare so easily diverted.In darkness we are blind, as are we in brightness.Our eyes cannot be trusted. Listen. Touch. Taste. Smell.Then see […]


Dance little one Your time has not comeYou still have the time to live.But what I have doneFor little more than my funMeans I, you shall surely outlive.My tale’s so appallingYou’d surely be ballingWere you to know the acts I’ve committedIf you saw with your eyesThe way I forced them to dieTo an asylum you […]

Speak Up

Silence Shifting emotions,Hidden within your thoughtsDancing on the edge of consciousness.To break the silenceWould be to shatter your mind.When thoughts are compressedSmaller than thoughts…Suppressed emotions a wave of destructionFlooding your senses…Anguish, fear, joy, anger.Overload.Overflow.